Brit Professor provides clear picture of “Variants”


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Yes, this newspaper plots out on the political spectrum at the usual band….Some articles like above link are well written with clearly-presented material.

Link is an interview with a Professor Balloux of University College London. The professor provides clarity to the growing list of COVID variants.

Article does contain expression “doom and gloom”, but the clarity Professor Balloux presents is about focus and reality. He had COVID-19 and explains in interview that a much longer recovery time is needed than the current info.

Well worth reading – at least IMO.

Hopefully of value.


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      If an incredibly dangerous mutation variant emerges that is multiple times more infectious, deadly, or vaccine immune, I think we will be in store for some hard times. I’m afraid that too many people out there are getting lax with regulations and safety measures and are just darn right tired of living this way. And then there are some that just outright think everything is overblown and a conspiracy. 

      If a deadly variant emerges, I don’t know if we will have the same reaction and response that we did at the beginning of the pandemic and may go longer before we take it seriously.

      Just my two cents

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        Good morning Sir Henry,

        Completely agree.

        I admit that the public health messages of high vaccination rates caused enough herd mentalit …… er … immunity to relax prudence.

        The variant statistics in Virginia got me back to the “continue to worry” mode. It hit “heavy” in Arlington and Washington, D.C. …… although neither COVID-19 or the variants are the leading cause of death on the District.  For all of 2021, so, far, murder is.

        The question is still: If only an N95 or higher rated mask eg P100, can repel the virus, and the variants are substantially more contageous, what does the non-medical mask accomplish ?

        Sound discretion and prudence must govern. 

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        I haven’t followed the research as much as others have, but don’t the non-medical masks protect others from yourself if you have it by slowing down your breath and exhalations??

        I did hear that the N95s and above protect yourself and others against viruses if you were in a crowd of people without masks on. 

        But yes, I would wear N95+ to protect yourself the most.

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        Good morning Sir Henry,


        Above link is a basic comparison and discussion re masks.

        Must mention 2 matters:

        – CDC recommends no valves on masks.

        – I do buy frm PK Alameda, Calif.

        In my situations, I am involved in more than health care, so much trade-offs involved in this … and factoring in costs.


        Just had the 2021 senior citizen flu shot. Not pleasant so far but got it prior to real adverse weather arriving here – conceding that today and tomorrow are heat advisories. Won’t be chopping down trees.

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        The research you linked to states how the majority of viruses attach themselves to water droplets from a sneeze or a cough and how N95 masks are able to stop those droplets. I now better understand how masks work.