Better gas cans

I read through the guide on storing gas but it didn’t recommend a specific type of can if you’re not going to store a large amount. I can get pretty cheap cans at the store but I know there are more heavy duty cans that are priced higher.

Are the more expensive ones worth it? Like the NATO cans for example.


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      i watched a video that said the plastic cans are better than metal because they won’t explode (i cannot find it anymore unfortunately). i think that nearly anything would explode with gas in it but i could be wrong. also you wouldn’t have to worry about rusting.

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      Like with any gear decision, you could end up spending too much money on something that does a great job for scenarios that don’t apply to how you plan to use the item.

      For example, watch this video

      And then think about how you plan to use your can. Yes you can spend $80 on a great can but honestly you could spend a lot less and get the similar performance. Though in this specific example, the nonworking spout is a no go. Just my two cents.

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        Great video!

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      I use Wavian cans exclusively.  Yes, they are quite expensive.  I find them more robust than the cheaper cans I have owned in the past.

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        Is there a particular Wavian model or two you like the most? What were the ways you saw cheaper cans fail, as in are there common ways they fail, like the seams? Thank you.

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        This is what I use – along with the long nose flexible spouts available on this site.


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      I’m perfectly fine with less expensive gas cans for home storage. If I planned to travel with gas cans then I’d be much more inclined to pay more and go with metal. A gas can with a leak could mean disaster. With the California CARB law I’ve pretty much given up on using the spouts, so the defective spout and loose gasket in the video wouldn’t be an issue for me. I now use a shaker style siphon like this https://www.amazon.com/Safety-Siphon-Safe-Multi-Purpose-Priming/dp/B000BG1X54/

      Now I just put the gas can on the car roof. Open up the cap. Insert the siphon in the can on one end and the car’s gas tank on the other. Shake the siphon, then let gravity do the work. No more standing there having to hold a 5 gallon can up to the tank. For those that are security minded, using a siphon frees up both hands and also increases your situational awareness since your back doesn’t have to be turned while you’re filling up.

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        Recently started using a shaker siphon too and am happy with it. Takes a minute or two to figure it out, then it’s like riding a bike.

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      I bought a new gas can recently.  You need an engineering degree to get the damn thing open. Thank you, lawyers.

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      We recently published a quick guide to gas cans. Based on our research, the metal safety cans are the best overall. They’re not much more expensive than plastic cans, are much safer, and more durable.