Best tourniquet

Wilderness medicine instructors pick the best tourniquets so you don’t buy the wrong one and bleed out.

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      So I’ve begun my research into tourniquets with this article (obviously) and on Amazon I found a kit that perplexed me to say the least. The, “One Hand Tourniquet Combat Application First Aid + Trauma Shear+ Molle Pouch” tourniquet kit from “ASA Techmed” has what looks like a perfect set – the picture shows a CAT-7, decent-looking holder, and even medical shears. One thing you’ll notice very quickly makes me skeptical – the $14 price tag. Not only is it cheaper than the CAT-7 by itself, it’s dramatically cheaper than the combined cost of the CAT-7, Tourni-Quick holder, and shears. So the obvious question arises, despite the lower price and seemingly-same equipment, is this kit worth buying?

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        You’re right to be skeptical. We even touched on this in the article, that there are a lot of counterfeit CATs at cheap price points. CAT even has dedicated pages on their website explaining how to spot fakes.

        I would be shocked if what you’re seeing is genuine, and would strongly encourage you to buy legit from the sources we link above.

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      One tourniquet I’ve heard about is the Recon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01ETMVQOI/?coliid=I1B23UHCS53FEP&colid=HZ8A27X9O87B&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
      Is it worth it, or should I spring for the CAT-7?

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        Hi, I have specifically tested the Recon before. They are simply not as sturdy as a CAT.

        In a class I taught we tested every TQ we could find by putting them under load and then subjecting them to movement and impact stress. The two Recons failed at the buckle (the plastic cracked).

        The CAT-7 held up to abuse, including looping it around table legs, tightening it and kicking it repeatedly.

        I would not trust any tourniquet not approved by the CoTCCC. The Committee puts tourniquets under a number of stressor and they also measure the effectiveness using doppler sonograms.

        The CAT and SOFTT-W (which is really just as good) both cost a little more, but they will not fail when you need to use them.

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        FYI I just found out that Recon lost a lawsuit against North American Rescue and stopped selling tourniquets, and their website is down right now: https://www.reddit.com/r/TacticalMedicine/comments/rvppsj/it_appears_recon_medical_lost_its_lawsuit_against/

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      Hey fellas, not sure if it makes a difference to you in terms of your recommendations as I tend to agree with sticking to the classics, but the CoTCCC has updated their recommendations and included the RMT-T, TMT, SAM-XT, and the TX2/TX3.

      Thought it might be worth at least noting that in the section that lists alternatives. Surprised to see the RATS on there after the controversy they had peddling false information about other products but I get it.

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        Thanks John. The CoTCCC updates have been on our radar since last year, but we’ve been focused on getting other content out (eg just released chest seals and an IFAK list) and will update with the new recs soon. Although, I doubt we’ll ever recommend the RAT unless something changes.

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        Haha I would never recommend that either tbh. Between the company behind it spreading misinformation about other products and it being one of the few TQs on the market that can cause permanent damage it’s a bad choice I think.

        The STAT is another one people should stay far away from IMO.

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      Although not listed in the CoTCCC Recommended Devices & Adjuncts (2019) I would like to point out that the SWAT-T tourniquet you mentioned will work on infants, children and for veterinary uses.

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      What are your feelings on the RCR-X8T?

      it seems like an interesting concept. Is much faster to deploy and function with one hand…Their mechanism makes them a bit bulkier…but then tourniquets are like your weapon…absolutely functional and reliable beats pretty.

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        I don’t have any personal experience with it.  They do not cite any research backing it on their site, nor any specifications.  I will agree it looks easy to apply one handed, but without having one, I can’t confirm.  And not listing width, Doppler studies, etc. all looks a little suspect, especially given the general availability of good information on tourniquets these days.

        For now I would stick with a known and Committee approved tourniquet.  If it the X8T is legit it will get reviewed during a CoTECC/CoTCCC meeting and probably blessed.

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