Best survival TV shows

20 great survival or prepping TV series.

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      We didn’t include Doomsday Preppers because that show has done more harm than good for the preparedness community. Sure, it may be a fun watch, but it was one of those shows where the producers thought “let’s get the nuttiest people we can find and highlight the most absurd situations!”

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      My family likes S.O.S. it is on the weather channel and features Creek Stewart. A very good watch. He had another tv show a few years ago, it was Three Fat Guys in the Woods, which you can see on you tube, it is a good watch as well. Both give you real life situations and some good survival tips.

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      There’s a new show on Hulu called Y: The Last Man that looks interesting. Synopsis: Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Y is the last surviving male human on the planet. Based on the comic series “Y: The Last Man.”

      I never heard of the comic book so I’m not sure exactly if it’s good and/or relevant (or just apocalyptic porn), but it has ok ratings so far so I’m looking forward to watching it.

      Has anyone read the comic, or already watched the series? Thoughts?

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      I also just learned about a new incoming mini-series on HBO called Station Eleven. It’s about a flu pandemic, and it looks really promising. Here’s the teaser.

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        I’ve added it to my watch list! Thanks for the suggestion.

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        Copy and pasting a comment from squidvicious on the Best survival and prepper books article:

        Hi, Mrs. G!  I have been traveling and away (from everywhere, inc this site) for quite a while.  But, having just watched the HBO series ‘Station Eleven’, I came back here b/c I recalled mentioning the book and… well, read your glowing review of it also.  I loved that book.  It was one of the more interesting, different, and beautiful books I’ve read – of any genre.  

        As I said, I just finished watching the series and, while it diverges quite a bit, it is equally beautiful and stunning.  It is simply a fantastic story, well done by the creators and the cast.  Seriously… I cannot stop thinking about it and will likely watch again.  I simply cannot praise it enough.  If you liked the book, I think you’ll enjoy the show.  Just know, the whole series is sort of a slow burn and the first two episodes are set up, so… even slower!  But the payoff is there for sure.  Hope you’re well and enjoy!

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      Dual Survival has been a favorite of mine. The thing I like about it is that in the first couple seasons that I watched, they pair two survival experts together with very different approaches to surviving. One is the veteran military guy who is push through hard and fast and the other is a slow and steady listen to mother nature guy. They both rub off on each other and see that there isn’t one best way to survival and that you sometimes need to go at different situations with a differing approach.

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      “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” is on Prime and has some useful stories and insights.

      Show really hammers home how important communication tools are. Probably 99% of the problem situations could have been averted with some type of emergency satellite communication device. 


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      I really enjoyed Revolution (stream for free here: https://tubitv.com/series/300008436/revolution). Basic premise is technology/power goes out and America descends into wild west/colonial-esque/war lord-controlled regions. It only lasted two seasons but I enjoyed it and it also provides some “food-for-thought” about what a long-term, grid-down situation could look like and how people adapt to significant societal changes.

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        I liked that series as well! Some of the ideas of a powerless world were appealing like people starting to grow their own food and being more of a community, but the idea of being without vehicles would be a hard thing to get used to.