Best safety Goggles for Covid?

I’m a teacher and my district is about to move from virtual to in-person learning. My school was renovated several years ago and the new windows don’t open (though I’m glad to have windows). I’ll be wearing a mask but I’m wondering if anyone has advice on wearing goggles/safety glasses as additional protection.

I own Pyramex I-Force safety goggles that I use when out in the yard mowing etc but I’d like some that are, if not more feminine, at least less “goggly.” Then again, I’d rather wear goggles than get Covid. 

Are safety glasses with side shields worth it if there isn’t an actual seal around your eyes? If so, what type safety glasses would you recommend? 


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      I purchased a few pairs of over-glasses safety glasses linked here. Alternatively you can wear a face shield over your mask. It’s hard to say which method is best–I’d try both and choose the one that fogs up the least for you. When it comes to eyes I think droplet contact is the real concern, so eye protection does not need to form an actual seal on the face. Ear-to-ear coverage is recommended, or safety glasses or goggles that are not open on the sides. Here’s our article on face shields

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        Thank you! I appreciate the help. 

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        De nada 🙂

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      Best of luck with the move back to in person! Lots and lots of respect for teachers throughout all this.