Best home security cameras

If you want cameras without an entire alarm system.

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      I am looking for a simple system for a vacation home that:

      (1.) has some basic cameras (indoor and outdoor — not alot, maybe one of each?) and

      (2) indicaitons when people are coming or going. So motion detection is a biggie.

      We’d rather not have to use one that is not monitored by a company.

      We don’t want a cloud based system, if at all possible. We want to keep the data stored locally. We don’t use Alexa, Google Home, Apple or anything like that. Privacy is important. (Nothing to hide… just hate the mass data mining/sharing/selling and general loss of privacy).

      We aren’t looking for temp/water monitoring, etc.

      We have very good wifi.

      We could do wired or wireless.

      We don’t need/want to monitor pets and general activity in the home.

      I’m not a big techie… so the advice for buiding one myself is daunting.

      I have seen the prepared posts “Best home alarm systems” and “Best home security cameras” — but still have not found something that seems to make sense.

      >>> I also posted in the alarm system section — FYI

      Thank you in advance for help and suggestions!

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        Based on a comment to another post, I’m looking at Swann security systems — I’d love any feedback on the OP and Swann.  (The Swann online chat person was not very helpful.)

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        Hello, when you mention the cloud, you want to be able to store video locally correct, but overall self-monitor?

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        Yes… which I am finding is a tall order.  (Thanks for any and all help!)

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        Video will need to be stored to a DVR type device, and if you want to access the data. Cloud storage is easy, because the way the data is stored can be easily accessed, and hsa become the norm. Aside from Ring, companies like ARLO will will not use your data. 

        If you want a sophisiticated DVR system, you may need to work with a local company to build you a custom solution. 

        ARLO makes a suite of indoor/outdoor products that can store data locally, but allow you a live feed view.  They also include nightvision, sirens, two-way radio, and motion detection.

        For a self-monitored, DIY security system, I would look at Simplisafe or Abode. 

        Hope this helps.