Beginner’s guide to batteries

Confused about the different types of batteries and which ones are best for prepping?

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      I’ve read that batteries of different types shouldn’t be stored together, and even batteries of the same type should be stored without the contacts touching.

      Is this true? If so, do y’all have any strategies or products to recommend for storing spare batteries in kits and at home? 

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        For example, ITS Tactical keeps advertising these holders to me.

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        I’m not a good example of this, so don’t follow what I do but listen to what I say. Right now I keep my batteries stored by size in different sandwich baggies. AA’s all in one, AAA’s in another…

        I also have a baggie for ones that are partially worn out but not quite dead yet. So for those AA’s that won’t work in the Xbox controller anymore, but still have some juice that can be used in a TV remote.

        It’s fine to store AA’s, AAA’s, D’s, 9v, etc… together, but best not to store different chemical types together. Keep the lead acid batteries and the lithium ion ones separate. They usually will run and discharge differently which can damage your device or cause leakage, which would also damage your device. So that’s why you might have heard people say not to store them together. But if you just don’t use them together, you should be fine.

        You also don’t want to store your batteries in metal containers or having them touch each other. I like to store my batteries in the original plastic packaging when possible to prevent them from touching each other. I’ve seen people also get ammo boxes and place their batteries in there like this –


        If a positive touches a negative on another battery, they can discharge and over heat, so it is good to keep them separated.

        You may have seen The Battery Daddy on TV or I’ve even seen it at my local grocery store. While it’s better than what I’m doing, I think I would prefer the smaller and more customizable ammo box method. Do a search for ammo box and batteries and you will see people doing different things with different size boxes. 

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      Great article. Don’t worry about the naysayers on Reddit. You’re 100% correct. I’m personally sick to death of having to babysit all my Lithium-ion batteries in all my modern “smart” devices. It’s so frustrating how quickly they lose their charge and how easily they get ruined if left alone. AA master race.

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        I do like how AA and AAA batteries can be bought everywhere and easily replaced where a custom lithium-ion battery that is going out needs to be ordered online and takes multiple days to get to you if you can even find it.