Bald eagle photobombs my horses.

I was on the tractor down in the bottom pasture cutting the grass when I noticed my horses at the pond.  I started a video, hoping they would play in the water.  Just then, one of my resident bald eagles decided to photobomb the horses.  I do so love these eagles.


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      Bald eagles are so cool! Conservation efforts for them seem to be working really well (at least where I live), so I get to see them more and more often. Have you noticed any increase where you live (and/or any problems with farming from increased eagle presence?) 

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        Yes, their range is spreading.  When I moved here about 15 years ago, seeing one was rare.  You had to go north about an hour to see some.  These two stay here year round and I see at least one most every day.  I can tell they are hatching young, as in the spring their fish intake increases greatly.

        Well if I was feeding & raising my catfish for a commercial enterprise, then yes, they would be an issue.  They love fish & they love having a huge population of grain fed catfish at hand.  My 1 acre pond has a much larger than normal population of catfish, since they are fed daily.  But since I raise the catfish just for my own purposes, the eagles are welcome to take what they need.  I feed them, they feed my soul.