Anyone know of any gluten-free MREs?

So far I have just used gluten-free granola bars in my bug out bag. I’d like something more calorie dense, that takes up less space, and has a longer shelf life.


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      Granola bars will get old pretty quickly and aren’t a complete meal, I don’t blame you. 

      There are some MREs by MRE Star that contain no gluten ingredients, but aren’t certified gluten free. So if you are highly allergic to gluten, then stay clear of this because you can’t be sure.

      Check out The Prepared’s articles on Prepping with food allergies and Best two-week emergency survival food for preppers, which has a few freeze dried meals that can meet your needs, but you will have to boil some water in something like a little Cook Kit.

      Beef jerky could be another potential BOB food that is gluten free and adds some more variety. Plus jerky tastes great!

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        Thank you so much, Gideon, this is super helpful advice!

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      I started a thread some time ago on this same topic.  https://theprepared.com/forum/thread/dealing-with-food-allergies-sensitivities-and-prepping/

      It yielded some information.  I did find Nutrient Survival that had some options.  I also included a larger amount of Mountain House GF Freeze Dried meals in my BOB.  

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      Better Bars have a 12-month shelf life— short compared to an MRE or freeze-dried backpacking meal, but they last much longer than most commercial energy bars that don’t contain the major allergens. I think it has to do with the preservation method they use. If you’re just GF, you can probably do a lot better, but I have multiple food sensitivities/allergies, and they’re the best thing I’ve found. I always have a bunch in my BOB. They taste great, too, so at month 10 I order a couple of new boxes and rotate the old ones into the pantry for snack food, whence they are quickly consumed!

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        Bummer!  For some reason, my body has started rejecting Quinoa, too.  I so wanted to try those. 

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      There is an NZ company that does. The meals are freeze dried and have a 2-3 year best before. Should last longer.


      The site does not offer sales but bivouac outdoors ship international


      Also Radix Nutrition offers a range for a variety of meals suitable for  a range of dietary requirements. Again freeze dried with a best before of around 2 years. They do have resellers in the states.


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      What I use. Super tasty, whole food, gluten-free. 360 calories per bar. Last about a year-ish.

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        Thanks, I’ll try them.  I have to also avoid Quinoa (really!) and these don’t have them.  Yeah!