Another article on UK preppers

In the “prepping goes mainstream” series… 

Everyone should prep’: the Britons stocking up for hard times


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      I enjoyed reading this, thanks @UKSeb! I had a good rueful laugh over the woman who said she started prepping after watching The Road. I had nightmares about that movie for maybe a decade after I saw it (not every night, but definitely once every 2-6 months), even though I had already read the book when the film came out. It wasn’t a major reason I started prepping a couple of years later, but it probably was a factor!

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      “olives, sun-dried tomatoes and tinned tomatoes for making spaghetti bolognese” – the most necessary thing to have in stock. But it was interesting to find out people’s stories

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        The Guardian is not known for its working class bias 🙂

        But there is something there. Store what you eat, eat what you store, etc… 

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