A review of finger splints


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The above linked article good for both review and intro to subject.

I never gamble.  Risks: yes – just no gambling. Had I been a gambler of any sort, my definition of “trigger finger” would have involved Hopalong Cassiday, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and SFO’s Kitty Marcus, wife of Wyatt Earp.


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      Every time I played basketball as a kid I would jam my finger. Sometimes bad enough that it would swell and I would have to use a finger splint like in your link.

      It is a good prep to use and speeds up the healing by preventing your finger from getting tweaked again. An improvised splint can be fashioned during a disaster when a manufactured one cannot be found, but if you have the time and $5 now, stop by the medical section of any Walmart or Walgreens and you will find one to throw into the family first aid kit. Oh, and get some bandage wrap, because you will need to have a way to fasten it to your finger.

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        Good afternoon Mike,

        Appreciate this comment.

        I carry them also. Have hand injuries from artillery and one small mistake … it’s not worth it. The healing process is best with ’em.

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      My wife ( Nursing Matron) says most of the time these days they simply strap the affected finger to the health finger next to it.

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        Good morning Bill,

        Can you say what a “nursing matron” is ? Not familiar with term.

        Here in the upstart colonies, just about all titles and functions have recently changed so as to address the health care crisis.

        Eg: we now have a nurse category that’s just about a physician.

        Thanks in advance.

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        like a Senior nurse prescriber, she can disagnose, treat and issue prescriptions independently of a doctor, and often run entire medical units like say diabetes teams.

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        Good afternoon Bill,

        Appreciate this information.

        Here in States your wife would, de facto, be deemed a physician.

        I anticipate that later in health care reform this category will be physicians.

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        Forgot again, 

        Here in US, in hospital/related setting it would be illegal NOT to use the splint.

        The big difference between our systems is that you’ve got national health care.  Here, it’s mostly third party payrr eg the big programs like Medicare 

        (old age [exception exist], Medicaid (poor people enrolled), Tricare (retired military). labor unions, phasing out but Railroad Retirement Board’s program, Indian Health Care,

        This law was enacted by the best financial minds this side of the pond.