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‘Preppers’ Have Their Day over Virus Fears

Good morning,

With the public health saturation of news, above link is a decent, clearly-written article on preparedness and those labeled “preppers”.

Link is ideal to provide your non-prepper contacts with.

If you note any specific names and web sites in article, will reward you with a cyber Clif bar or a bag of baker’s chocolate.

The mentioned VOA Learning English needed for our many public agency PIOs providing public health information.


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      We got close to running out of toilet paper last year but our stock held true and we made it through! Wish someone could do a study of how many people are taking prepping a bit more seriously now that they have seen that things can run out.

      I saw The Prepared mentioned in the article, do I get the cyber Clif bar!?

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        Good morning Liz,

        Our TP.com drone launched and enroute to you with a pallet of Clif bars. Enjoy !

        There are ongoing studies of the expanding prepper market being researched by the marketing firms. If / when I note some more mentioned on web, will post here. 

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        A whole pallet!? I’m going to have to share with you all, that’s way too much for little ol’ me.

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        Good afternoon Liz,

        You’re a group leader.  

        The word “share” says it all.

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        Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Filters for Automotive and Defense Market Trends, Growth, Outlook and Forecast Until 2027| API Technologies, ETS-Lindgren, MPE

        Liz, above is a specialized marketing sample of the prepper market. Am still on the lookout for private citizen prepper market studies.

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        Industries Making the Most Money on Doomsday Preppers

        Above is background article on individual-focused markets, This link has some additional hyperlinks in it.

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        Good evening Bob,

        I read the article. I imagine that there are some people who prep at the “high end” of the scale financially. I’m not one of them.

        Items that are marketed as “prep items” give me concern. If I’m looking for a knife, then that’s what I search for. Some items are a bit too much like non-essential gadgets. It’s just my aesthetic. I like simple, functional and well made.

        It was interesting to note that at the beginning of the covid pandemic, Costco Canada sold out of the their most expensive $5,000.00 plus CAD meal combo bucket kits.

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        Good morning Ubique,

        The preparedness community is a large umbrella.

        The term “prep items” encompasses just about everything involving a shelter, an evacuation – by walking in quality boots or driving in a 4 wheel drive pickup truck and the contemporary first aid kit.  The advanced life support medical stuff eclipses the pickup truck costs.

        Much depends on one’s knowledge and philosophy.

        Costs can be viewed as merely the calibration of applying one’s philosophy to one’s plans.  Some here do not purchase houses.  They prefer other arrangements. They are content on their prepper arrangements and alternative financial building blocks.

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        Good morning Bob,

        You’re right. The preparedness community covers a large spectrum of people and approaches. 

        I was thinking of the old marketing term “new and improved.” That term used to be applied to almost everything!

        My view is long term. Prep items must stand the test of time, because there is the risk of long term impact during the recovery phase.

        A cast iron pot means more to me because of it’s durability and usefulness in a variety of conditions.

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        Good afternoon Ubique,

        The overall prepper community also has those with long term views and symbolized by the light weight camping pot/pan.  They anticipate an evacuation.

        Here, there are pending insurance rate increases and zoning requirements.

        Losing a house to gale force winds does not mean it can be repaired or replaced based on the pre-existing situation.

        In the business world, there is a risk management program called “replacement cost accounting”.  Most private citizen preppers are not set up to have this.

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      Good evening, Bob

      Thank you for the article.

      I saw The Prepared and John Ramey mentioned in the article.

      I’m glad to see the literacy assists re VOA Learning English. It is so needed for public health information, among other aspects of life. An issue close to my heart, I volunteered teaching literacy. I can’t imagine not being able to read or being able to read easily or comfortably.

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        Good morning Ubique,

        Real good re teaching literacy. It’s definitely needed – especially down here. Today, most below 50 yo rely on radio and the web. Little reading involved in life.

        Above is link to VOA news section.  At bottom of page is list of features. 

        I personally preferred the old BBC with their intro chimes before the news.

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        Good morning Bob,

        I am up and working on planters and taking a break.

        Thank you for the VOA link. I added it to my news bookmarks. I used to listen to CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) radio while driving or at home. They had great interviews, radio theatre and discussions. Friday night was “new music” and always a good listen.

        I remember the BBC chimes. They were great. I grew up with the big cabinet radio on the farm where the radio commentary boomed out for the hockey games. Then later, it was Hockey Night in Canada on television, and Ed Sullivan. Good memories.

        Re literacy – Years ago, I had an opportunity to spread awareness re an incident with a bus driver. It was a hot summer day, 5 pm rush hour and a lady ran up to the bus asking if it was the bus to _____. 

        The bus driver snarled at her and said “what’s the matter lady, can’t you read?” I was seated at a window seat and I saw her face as the bus pulled away. She couldn’t read which is why she asked for help.

        When I got home, I called Winnipeg transit, outlined the situation and told them I didn’t want the driver “punished” over this incident and that I thought this was a good learning opportunity regarding literacy issues for their passenger.

        The person I spoke with was very receptive and I got the organization for whom I volunteered to contact transit and have information materials and guidance set up for the drivers.

        Those are the kinds of interactions in life where literacy is overlooked. Transport (airplanes, trains, buses) is a big one.

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        Good morning Ubique,

        I miss great radio interviews.

        One of my first introductions to international relations and the Cold War was by Ed Sullivan starting one of his shows. He opened the show by saying something like =”= I’d like to congratulate the Soviet Union on launching the Sputnik into outer space, but I don’t speak German.=”=.

        The literacy problems are the same here but corrective actions minimal to nonexistent.

        Those big cabinet radios are on the same list as roll top desks: precious items !

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        Good morning Bob,

        That introduction by Ed Sullivan was classic. 

        In the Heidi Beck foundation documentary, one of the people who had been helped by her support of his educational opportunities (grade school and he went on to attend Harvard graduating in International Studies under his own steam), commented on people’s perception of Africa and other Countries ruled by dictators and brutal regimes.

        (paraphrasing) He said, people wonder how we can allow these brutal regimes to control our Country. It is easy to control an ignorant, uneducated populace. That is how they do it. That is why we support education now as it was supported for us as children.

        I never forgot the impact of that statement. Knowledge is power and without literacy, there is a segment of our society that will remain powerless and easily controlled.

        I have seen some of the cabinet radios in farm auctions, if you are ever looking for one.

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        Good for you Ubique! We really need to watch ourselves and avoid judging others and jumping to conclusions. We never truly understand what someone is going through, their background, their experiences, and so many other factors.

        Be kind everyone

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        Thank you Liz,

        Literacy is something that I think most of us assume because of our accessibility of education. In some countries, the children cannot attend school unless they have a uniform, for example. 

        It is something I plan to watch closely for in a disaster in order to help people who might be having difficulty because of it. Example, people with literacy issues might have prepped but are unable to fully ready and understand the instructions that have come with an item. What if they couldn’t properly read first aid instructions?

        You are so right, Liz, we don’t truly understand what someone might be going through or all the other factors that can impact their wellbeing or ability to function.

        Your comment “Be kind everyone” should be the foundation of the example we set as preppers.

        Thanks again 🙂