10/4/22 Great price for Life Straws

Costco has LIFESTRAWS on super sale now – 4 pack for 40 bucks!!
That’s cheaper than the price we got for them as a retailer…….
A great stocking stuffer or party favor??  😉


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      Do you have a link?

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        Here’s a link, but it looks like if you buy them online the four pack is $55. Best to check your local store and see if they are still on sale.

        Amazon Prime day and during Black Friday are both days where I also see LifeStraws usually discounted pretty heavily.

        And yes Sharon, the LifeStraw is a great stocking stuffer for those new to preparedness and don’t have anything else. It’s pretty simple to use, stick in water and suck. Other filters with hoses and pumps might be too complicated for those who don’t care about this stuff and just want something just in case.

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      I would never use one and i would never pay $40 for them. 

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        Could you tell us more about why and what your preferred choice for water filtration is?

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        Life Straws might be great stocking stuffers, but there are many reasons why most professionals wouldn’t use straws. One of them is that they are very limited in what you can do with it: How would you fill a pot for cooking? Suck the water and then spit it in the pot? Similarly, how would you fill in a water bottle to carry with you? 

        Also, bear in mind that you can only use them only when your face is close enough to the water source: what do you do if: a) you have mobility issues b) if the water source is too far away (like a higher riverbank)? I’ve used them in various scenarios and even when all the conditions are optimal, you have to lay on your belly, bend over the bank and get your face close to the water to get a sip.

        Here’s more about them: https://theprepared.com/gear/reviews/portable-water-filters/#straws

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        Working in conjunction with a Nalgene, or other wide mouthed bottle, it can be a valuable tool. Is there better? Sure. Do you have said better with you? How much space does it take? All considerations. There is very rarely only one best.

        LifeStraws also provide an easy way to build redundancy into your preps — what if your top of the line pump filter breaks or gets left behind?

        That being said I have a couple in my car kits, in addition to a high quality pump filter. I throw them in our packs when we’re camping away from the car (in addition to having a good pump). And I did buy the 4 pack from Costco to have extras on hand.

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        I have several Sawyer Mini filters but I also have some Life Straws.  As Carlotta says, the Life Straw is rather limited in its use but as Gideon says, is certainly easier to use for a novice.  So it has a use.

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        A good thing about the Sawyers is the ability to back wash if they fill up with junk. If you can’t properly clean something like the Life Straw, then it gets harder and harder to suck water through over time.

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        Excellent point!

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      Back in 2011 I saw LifeStraw’s videos of giving clean drinking water to children in Africa and that is all they were at the time, just a charity group. A normal civilian couldn’t buy a LifeStraw at the time. I was heading out of the country for a few years though and wanted a backup source of clean water, so I reached out and they sent me one. 

      I still have that filter and was impressed with their customer service.