1 image to show that difficult weather can happen anywhere

Screenshot_2021-02-17 Ventusky - Weather Forecast Maps


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      Minus 17 at the bottom bit in purple.

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        It is a graphic reminder that we deal with very challenging weather conditions, regardless of what part of the globe we are situated in.

        Canada needs to change her flag colours from red & white to purple & white.

        Thank goodness, we can put our heads together and as a group come up two important parts of prepping: coping strategies and commiseration (very important for morale).

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      I edited the title to hopefully make the point of the post clearer for other people. You’re welcome to edit it more.

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        You like doing that doncha 🙂

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      I got shivers just looking at the map !

      One point to add; The Midwest is basically set up for below freezing temperatures.  What happened in Texas with their actual historic event shows they were not set up for these events.  The cost to do so is large.  Checking on the cost to spread salt on roads gives an example – and this isn’t even infrastructure.

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        A good point, Bob. Infrastructure can quickly become a problem for areas that have not evolved with climate events. 

        Infrastructure and how it is maintained is also another criteria to consider when selecting a location to live, be it urban or rural.

        We have highways that were repaved and crumbled from the shoulders in, necessitating new stretches of repair work. These sections of road are still a mess and dangerous if your tire catches the edge of the road.

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        Lets ASSUME ( not politicing) that Climate change is real OK

        So we all know that extreme climatic events do appear to be happening more frequently AND more violently.

        Then surely the establishment of all flavours must start to harden the infrastructure better, IE winterise in the south and extreme heat and drought hit adapt the north.  Drought  harden the wet deltas, and flood prevent the desert areas.

        So more rugged power lines and componants down south along with ice resiliant road surfaces, and stuff like large railroad track expansion joints in the north along with heat resistant road surfaces.

        HOWEVER its a fair assumption  NONE of it will happen because its a vote loser putting up taxes and utility charges.

        That leave us with only one option, INCREASE our prepper resiliance by expanding the range of conditions we plan for. or do nothing and hope for the best like mainstream society will.

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        I think this Earth has gone through many periods of change over millions of years.

        For me it is important adapt to the changes and find ways to mitigate any negative affects for which we are responsible.

        As you stated so well, the option is to “increase our prepper resiliance by expanding the range of conditions we plan for”.

        Well said, Bill and thank you.

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        I look at society et al and look back over millions of years of history, and I have reached the conclusion that Preppers are evolving humans, adapting to the way the world chops and changes, rising above adversity.

        But the rest of humanity appear to be either swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool, or heading along a dead end branch of the evolutionary tree heading for extinction.

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        Bill –

        It will be interesting to see what happens after a disaster like what is happening in Texas right now. 

        Will we increase our resiliency of the grid, utilities, and supplies to climate extremes so this kind of thing doesn’t happen again? 

        Will people prepare more and not be as affected?

        In my opinion, I think there will be much talk but little work done and in a few years we may see a repeat both as a society and on an individual level for many. I hope a few will do a little bit more though and learn from the past.

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        I dont think anything will change this time, People will say its a one off event, but if it is not and such storms become more frequently TX ,OK etc are going to have to invest BILLIONS in hardening their utilities AND their homes.  I hope the prepper community takes the ititiative and moves PROactively to upgrade they homes and back up utilities.    I think utilities are likely to become ever more vulnerable to disruption as weird weather events get more common.

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        Robert, Bill,.. Let me add an additional facet that is already starting to mold this situation. Will start with mentioning Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana-associated with petroleum,LNG. Some actual facilities are difficult to replace eg Houston Ship Channel, LOOP Louisiana. Yet much of these states have areas without critical facilities. It is realistic to harden, rehab, add on to certain small areas and forfeit others.

        The mid-Atlantic has a similiar complexion. Much of the military facilities are really disguised unemployment. As of 2 days ago, some military bases were closed down due the weather emergency. What’s the difference between a closed down base and an ambulance without propulsion. The needed critical infrastructure on the mid-Atlantic distills down to the submarine facilities, the world class shipyard, the major Atlantic Coast Guard base (not DOD, now part of DHS). Are the area’s commercial airports – already inadequate – in “need” of the resources and funding ?

        Again, a start to this is visible. Some of the “tools” being used involve:

        – residental,commercial, state, city income taxes.

        – inventory taxes with different rates assigned to different areas

        – sales taxes with different rates assigned to different areas

        Another tool is insurance costs and the availability.  Already in review is the Texas coastal wind insurance program. Both the Gulf Coast and Atlantic coast have the concerns re flood insurance. Hurricane insurance is easy to read up on. Hurricane Sandy also had the Super Storm Sandy component. It is a political matter so am stopping here.

        Note the closing of rural hospitals.  This indirectly causes population migrations to with the radius of health care availability.

        Toll roads already have a start. 

        Add the icing, the induced inflation, and critical parts of the country continue the resiliency and hardening and others just might be returning to the “old West”, wind swept praries.