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      “They can take your fingerprints without a warrant, but not force you to recite something from memory.” Can the police forcibly (and still legally) make you use your fingerprint to open your phone?

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      In street medic world, 2 tsp salt per litre of water makes an excellent wash. It is slightly more salt than a “normal saline” solution but this helps to draw chemicals out of the skin cells but not so much that it will burn eyes.

      When washing, you have to be careful to not wash the chemicals onto other skin such as off your face but down your shirt. That isn’t much of an improvement.

      Also – people react very differently to different agents. It’s important to monitor anyone who is injured for respiratory complications. Just being around the ambient explosives can set off an asthma-like attack. Respiratory irritants, by design, cause breathing problems and they can be severe.

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      Just a thought, anyone who may be at or near a protest may want to invest in some type of genitalia protection, athletic cup etc., along with any other preps you’re taking.

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      What about armed militias challenging the authority of the state, local and federal authorities?

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      Politics aside I can’t imagine how any sane prepper would walk into a situation where violence and chaos are de rigoir. Aren’t we supposed to be avoiding trouble?  All those carefully selected preps aren’t worth a damn if your face is caved in by a police baton.