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      I know it’s a post from a few years ago, but seemed to be the appropriate place to write.  I’ve become acutely aware of the importance of sharing this “hobby” only recently.  It’s a bit lonely now having to contemplate what to do and how and not have many reliable people to work with.  My wife has heard more about it in the last two months than she cares to — though, she cares a lot more now than previously — and the one or two friends are probably getting a little fatigued as well.

      One thing I think distinguishes folks — and this may have been said somewhere on this site: there are those that contemplate emergencies/contingencies and those who do not.  The population of those that do seems to be segregated into people that assume the bad thing won’t happen, and those (us?) that fear it could.  (more to the point, most people assume that *if* the bad thing happens, there will be a swift recovery and someone (?) else will be responsible for it. For me, the last few months has exposed the system’s fragility, which I was reluctant to acknowledge even as I [sort of] prepared for its eventual stumble.

      All of this is to say, one of my “to do” items is do at least a modest amount of seeking out of like-minded people.

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        Well said (and I dig the username)! One of the things we’ve seen change for the better among the general public is an understanding that prepping isn’t about a lone-wolf selfishness — the more people around you are prepared, the better off you are too.

        We’re actually launching a forum on TP in the next few days. Perhaps that will help you connect with some like-minded folks.