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Drinking your own pee for survival: does the science bear it out?

If you’ve been on the internet for a minute, you’ve no doubt seen the famous Bear Grylls meme. But long before the British Army SAS veteran guzzled his way to meme glory in a now-infamous episode of his “reality” TV survival show, drinking your own pee was a classic metonym for desperation in prepper/survivalist folklore. Of course, survivalists aren’t the only group with a bit of a pee drinking obsession. The practice shows up in ancient ayurvedic teachings, and has been espoused b

Preppers plan to scrub social media profiles post-election, but they may be kidding themselves

As the election draws closer, the outcome seems increasingly less certain. Will there be a peaceful transfer of power, or will chaos erupt as one or both major party candidates refuse to accept the results? Many people on each side of the country's partisan divide are worried about some form of blowback or retaliation --- from angry fellow citizens, or even from the government --- should the opposing team take power. This fear has members of some private and public Facebook groups --- especia


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