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Cloth masks & smartphone-controlled respirators are about to be the new face of your face in public

Face masks are about to become the new normal for functioning outside our homes. Thanks to the novel coronavirus, it's unavoidable and inevitable at this point. The CDC is recommending that we as a society adapt to wearing some version of a cloth face mask during any public excursion. Either virus droplets from sick or asymptomatic carriers are captured within the mask, or a low viral load of droplets make it through the mask. In either direction, the idea is that the mask is a physical barri

As worries mount over US food supply chain, now’s the time to prepare for possible shortages

Rob McNealy has been on top of the food supply issue and contributed to this report. In our collective imagination, it seems that re-opening the economy after a pandemic might be as simple as operating a light switch. With a flick of the finger, the economy will turn back on and be as it was. In reality, however, nothing will be as it was. As this pandemic has dutifully proven, that way was fundamentally broken. The fragility of the economy has been exposed, upending many industries. Our f


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