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      While visiting some family members I noticed that they were using a standard strike plate, most likely with the 1/2″ screws that came with it. Is that weird that I notice that on people’s houses or does that just make me an observant prepper?

      I have upgraded my house with an elongated strike plate and 3″ screws. 

      How can I politely recommend and encourage them to make the upgrade without being seen as a weirdo?

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        It sounds like you have good operational security and situational awareness.

        Not everyone has the same prepping or security mindset that we currently have now, and we need to realize that at some point we were where they currently are now. Maybe they haven’t been introduced to preparedness or home hardening and once they see the benefit like you have, they will hop in. 

        Our loved ones may be under the normalcy bias where they haven’t been a victim of a home invasion or burglary before so there must not be a large threat there. What they have been doing seems to work well for them and has prevented crime in the past.

        I have found that one of the best ways to share preparedness is to wait until it naturally comes up in conversation. Next time your family members are over at your house, give them a tour of recent home improvement projects you have been working on such as a garden bed you put in or a bathroom remodel. Then walk them by your doors and show them all the home hardening you have done, show them it is easy and cheap to install, and talk about the peace of mind that it has brought to your family. If they are interested, they will ask more or just do it themselves on their home as well. This will go over better then showing up at their house and preaching to them about how they are so insecure and just asking for someone to break into their house.

        If they do think you are a bit extreme for hardening your door, tell them that you are doing it for the same reasons why you have smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher. You aren’t going to experience a fire everyday, and maybe have never even had one in your lifetime, but things do happen and you feel much more secure and ready knowing you have those things to fight a fire if you needed to.

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        Thank you for the suggestion Gideon. The strategy of subtly showing off my efforts when they come and visit is a clever idea.

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