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Looking for suggestions for a whole house water filter. We are moving to a house that will have creek water as the source. Most websites I’ve seen sell systems based on Well water or City water. Some have said we’d be closer to Well water, others have said creek water is different, which isn’t an option to choose from on most sites. Anyway, looking for input for a really good system. I’m thinking like an Aquasana system and the like. Pretend money is no object and would probably need an installer, since I suck at being handy. Thinking along the lines of something that would supply drinking, showers, the works. Thanks in advance


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      There was a recent forum thread about an under the counter water filter, but that person wasn’t looking for a whole house system. I’ll link to it here if you want to check it out. 

      But anyways, in that forum thread I had mentioned a whole house system by a company called PristineHydro. My wife had done research and wanted us to get that system. I haven’t looked into it myself to vouch for it or not, but from looking at the website for two seconds it looks like it is a series of filters that aim to give you the absolute best water possible. Instead of just a reverse osmosis filter, it also has like an ionizer, carbon filter, and remineralizer. Their website says that each type of filter has it’s pros and cons. For example the reverse osmosis portion will remove most contaminants except acids like from acid rain or other chemicals, and the ionizer will remove the acid, the carbon will make it taste better, and all these steps will remove important minerals from your water, so there is the remineralization stage to put minerals back into your water. I’m probably not doing it justice, because she had only mentioned it once to me and I haven’t looked into it, but that system is supposed to be pretty good, but very expensive.

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        Thanks Robert, sorry for the delay. Yeah this is more what I was looking for. I will check out PristineHydro. Also heard Aquasana (essentially the same system you described). Yes, expensive! We’re on creek water, which is different than well water, except they never have that option. Thanks again