Where to carry your CORE EDC ESSENTIALS

Some years ago the IRA detonated bombs on the tube and on a bus in central London,(7/7) My associate was en-route to a conference. Six points I ask people to consider.

1 As soon as everything kicked off the authorities turned off all the cell towers cutting comms for central London leaving millions comms blind for hours. Many buildings were ordered to evacuate, including the one my colleague was visiting. the Cops told them in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS to LEAVE THEIR BAGS. (suspecting more bombs)

2 In the US on 911 as the towers burned then fell and people were fleeing blinded by thick ash and smoke, Most had NO OPPORTUNITY to grab their bags, AND also many surviving police hero’s on that day were telling people or even ordering people to leave there bags behind and to just run.

3 On the Madrid train bomb the travellers bags and luggage was stored at the end of the carriages, or in overhead racks. When the train blew up much luggage was destroyed, more was inaccessible because of structural damage, and more bags were simply scattered when the train screeched to a halt. Equally on the high speed trains that crashed in Spain ( Train went too fast round a bend) the baggage and luggage was again scattered or crushed or trapped. In the German high speed train that crash when it ploughed into a concrete overbridge the story was the same.

4 When the big ferries capsized and sank in the English channel ( Herald of Free Enterprise plus another in the Baltic) the lights failed quickly as the vessels began to role, most bags and luggage could not be grabbed as people tried to climb out of the sinking vessels.

5 When terrorists attacked the Bataclan Theatre in Paris and the Westgate Shopping center in Nairobi most people HAD to abandon their bags and packs as they scrambled to hide and escape, some climbing out of toilet windows or jumping from car park roofs.

6 During the recent wave of civil unrest in the US on multiple occasions drivers were ambushed by gangs of extremists and protestors, many people were forced to abandon their vehicles and flee with just what they were wearing, Few could recover their bags or packs. When the dreadful multiple mass shootings in schools occurred most students had to flee or were ordered to leave WITHOUT their bags and their hands above their heads.

I respectfully suggest that the best and possibly ONLY place for your CORE ESSENTIAL EDC gear is ON YOUR PERSON and not in a bag, The USEFUL EXTRAS but not essentials obviously can go in bags because it makes sense. But I ask folks to think hard about likely scenarios you MAY face and how easy it is to get separated from your bags.


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      That’s where interior pockets or travel belts worn on the inside of pants are worth having.

      I am just thinking that it might be possible to make an arm pouch/slim pack that could wrap around the forearm under a shirt sleeve.  Or make a holster style pouch/pack inside the jacket.

      Great post Bill and thank you.