What is the most hassle free way to get your ham radio license remotely during covid?

I’m getting ready to take the test for my technician ham radio license. Since, obviously, every test is currently online, I’ve checked out three recommended sites for online testing. They all have really intense and intricate requirements as far as the physical setup of the test environment, etc. to make sure people don’t cheat while taking the test remotely. Each site has different requirements for calculators, for example and of course I have the wrong type of calculator. Some of the sites require two cameras, which isn’t easy to set up in my case.

I know I can jump through the necessary hoops if I need to, but I’m just wondering if folks have any recommendations for places to take the online test that aren’t so high maintenance.


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      I tested with GLAARG in June. I took my test in a bathroom with a laptop so I had a clean environment. I just had to move the laptop camera around the room to satisfy the VEs. I used the calculator built into macOS, which satisfied the VEs since I was sharing my screen so they saw everything I did.

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      Hey Jonnie, congrats on trying to get your ham license! I hope you do well.

      I looked through five online ham testing groups and all of them had the same copy and pasted requirement list. I think the AARL gave them all this list of requirements and they are only allowed to test people if they follow those rules.

      I think it is pretty funny reading the rules that I could tell it was written by some really old and hardened no nonsense ham operator. It is very blunt, strict, to the point, and says if you don’t feel comfortable following all their rules wait until you can take it in person. 

      I feel for ya. I took my exam in person a few years ago and would much rather have that experience than what it currently is. But, I think now is the time to take your test if you can. They will enact a $35 fee for the test sometime in the future on top of the testing fee for the local group. 

      I wish you the best of luck!