US Federal Government advice for power outages

As per header, hope it helps.  https://www.ready.gov/power-outages


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      What is something that you learned from the article Bill?

      I thought that it was interested how they say to disconnect electronics from the wall as a power surge when it comes back on can damage them. Didn’t know that before. Thanks for the link

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        Yup its a good precaution ( budget allowing) to use surge protector adaptor between the kit and the power outlet, or surge protected extention leads.  but failing that unplug the delicate stuff.  Leave only a room light switch on so you can see instantly the power supplies comes back on. and try not to open the Freezer for more than a second or two.   Some people in warmer rural areas whose power supplies can be frequently interupted line the sides and tops or their freezers with Styrofoam insulation board ( with cut outs for the motor ventilation)

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        I need to research and invest in a good surge protector. I feel like many are cheaply made and don’t offer much protection, and even the more expensive ones won’t cover everything like lightning.

        When a storm rolls through I unplug everything. That’s the best thing you can do, but i’m still risking my electronics whenever they are connected. I shouldn’t put all my trust into the electrical company that they will always keep things coming into my house perfectly.

        Anybody have any more knowledge or info on surge protectors that I should look out for when buying one?

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        Years ago my American chum heard the warning about a thunderstorm aiming for his town, so he unplugged everything, but forgot about his CB and Ham radio mast which for some reason I dont think was earthed OR perhaps it was the earth that caused the problem. Anyhoo the lightening hit his mast and blew his radios to pieces.

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      It’s a good reference for preppers to read and follow. One big item is “on hold” / “pending”/ “case by case” … Ref “location of cooling or warming shelters” is a difficult matter with the pandemic going on.  The traditional, pre-COVID arrangement was the school’s gym floor with chairs and cots or the Rotary club type org with similiar arrangements.  Now, the basic rule is to avoid to the max “congragate” [our new word in EM lexicons]) arrangements.  Of course, all this is up to the political subdivision, eg city, town, county sponsoring the shelter. The Feds recommend as aceptable from public health view the use of motels, dorms,… but there are too few. During emergencies motel rooms usually are reserved for emergency personnel such as electric contractors, emergency responders, reserve law enforcement officers.

      Above rambling about the same for the provided hyperlink to CDC discussion.

      FEMA’s cross ref to hyperlink on disabled tells of vision-impaired people using Braille or large print labels on their essentials.  Recommend for them (there is help getting this done) to always have printed labels also.  We can sometimes get needed stuff but a Braille interpretator is difficult to find during emergency.

      This area has a decent setup.  Now, the big cities are in need of just about everything to get through any emergency.

      For preppers, now is the time to think out where enroute to when the house/apartment catches fire, the tree falls …..


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