Share YOUR social media page/account on prepping/homesteading

Shameless plug, my wife relatively recently started a homestead TikTok page. She covers topics from things we do around the homestead/rural property to the unschooling we do with our kids, and of course prepping. She’s skilled at social media and puts out good information.


Not only did I want to share hers but I wanted others to share their prepping/homesteading social media pages/accounts. Do you write a blog, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or have a FaceBook page? Share them so we can support each other and see through a small window into our fellow preppers lives. Even if you know it all, there’s still some things that can be learned!


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      I don’t have a social media page, but did watch a few of your videos. Sorry to hear you lost your bees during the winter, hope this next batch does better.

      Tell your wife great job on the content so far and I look forward to watching what she puts out from time to time.

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      I know there is at least two users that I’ve seen on the forum who had a family YouTube channel and another who had a blog, but I don’t seem to remember who they were. Hopefully they will chime in.

      Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your homestead, I’m sure there is a lot we can learn from your family.

      At the bottom of this website is a link to all of The Prepared’s social media accounts. 

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      I don’t have a social media page that gives any identifiable information and if I did I would hesitate to give any details of my prepping or survivalism. 
      I fail to see any advantage in identifying myself as a potential future target for more predatory types who may wish to take others goods. It’s important to remember that in a WROL situation it isn’t really yours unless you can protect it either by secrecy or physically defending it.

      (Coincidentally I am also a beekeeper.)

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        This is a common attitude that I feel is detrimental to spreading preparedness knowledge and information. Sharing what we do, making it feel common and ordinary/not fringe and extremist is our goal. I also believe this is one of the main goals of The Prepared. 

        A lot of people are scared and/or hiding their preparedness away and I don’t understand or agree with this prospective. Yes there is a point where you could be irresponsible with sharing your preparedness — but the more people you can bring to the prepping community, through your example, the better off we’ll all be.

        We believe this is even more important in your local neighborhoods. If things go sideways, likely the only ones to be around you and be a potential help or detriment are your neighbors. Share your knowledge with them and you’ll all be safer and better prepared. 

        I think worrying less about defending your preps during a time of WROL (without rule of law) and more on being prepared for power outages, storms, or other more common things that cause unexpected runs on local resources.

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        This is going to be one of the subjects that we fundamentally disagree about. While I’m willing to discuss prepping on a forum such as this there is no benefit to me to identify myself to others.

        Prepping is not widespread in the UK and there are differing views within the prepping community regarding forums and social media. I already have a circle of multi skilled associates. It’s incumbent upon me not to compromise their security along with my own.

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        I agree with both of you Joker and Trace. 

        OpSec is important and not paint a target on your head of where people can go for supplies, but after reading The Prepared’s article on why you should share your prepping, I have lightened up and have been more open with sharing some of my knowledge with others. If we all keep preparedness to ourselves, then we are doing a disservice to us and our fellow human beings. It is important to build a community. If we share prepping with everyone and everyone is just that more prepared, then they won’t be coming to your house for supplies or a free handout, because they will have their own supplies and preps.

        You can tell people that they are camping supplies if they ever ask and you don’t trust them yet. That way you can still talk about the camp stove, solar panel, or food storage you have and educate people, but aren’t giving off the vibe of “I’m a prepper with a ton of supplies” if you want to be cautious. 

        Great job to Trace, his wife, and everyone else who makes these social media accounts, talks on this forum, or chats up someone in the grocery store line about prepping. We need more of it out there and it will only do good the more people who are prepared.

        You can create social media accounts and share your prepping ideas and never give out your name, address, amount of supplies, or even show your face. Doing product reviews on YouTube for example is a great way to educate people on what items work and where they fall short. That’s the beauty of the internet. Heck, no one here knows my name or where I’m from but I’m able to chat all day about prepping and make the world a little bit of a better place but can still keep my operational security in check.

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        Good on you for speaking up, Trace. I agree that broaching the subject calmly and casually with my neighbours seems to be a good way of catching people’s interest, and opening them up to the idea of being more prepared themselves. Not starting off with a deep dive, but something relatable and recent. “Did your water pressure turn off last week too? Yeah, so did mine. I keep a water container full for camping and it came in handy”, etc.

        The more I can encourage people in my community to become more prepared, the better off I am too.

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        We’re still new to bee keeping and trying to get it all sorted out. They are fascinating creatures and we love having them around and the benefits they bring to the property!