Running a 55 gallon drum of water into household pipes

I’m on a well, so when the power goes out, I don’t have any water.  The power company shut off the power to work on the lines today, so I decided to test out my backup water scenario.  I installed a water faucet in the side of a 55 gallon barrel, at the bottom.  The drum had been used for food previously.  I sanitized it with bleach and water, emptied it out and then filled it with water from the well.  (For long term storage, I’ll use 5 drops of bleach per gallon in the water according to this site’s recommendation.)  I closed the valve between the well and the house and connected a 5/8″ RV water hose to a faucet on the outside of the house.  I opened the faucets on both the tank and the house.  The bottom of the barrel is 4′ above the level of the house.  I wasn’t expecting lots of pressure, but the toilet tank takes about 3 hours to refill, yet I can get a gallon of water from the bathroom sink, which is about 6″ higher, in about 3 minutes.  I can fill a bucket from the sink to flush the toilet, but why does the toilet take so long to fill?  By the way, with the hose not attached to the house, I get a very strong flow out of the barrel.


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