Prepper – a free light take movie on YouTube

I actually thoroughly enjoyed this light hearted PRO prepping, it portrays preppers and community cohesion in a very positive manner.


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      Sounds like a good movie. 

      IMDb gives the following plot summary:

      Life is normal for James. Everything is as it should be. His world is peaceful, calm and happy. Or is it? Never one to think much about the future, James begins to take note of the warning signs all around him that seem to point to impending doom and the collapse of society. After considering all the awful things that could happen, James decides to prepare for the worst. But there is just one problem… he has no idea where to start. Enlisting the help of his wife Sarah, James embarks on a quest to be ready for anything without spending all his money, losing the respect of his friends, or becoming a survivalist freak.

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      Finally got around to watching this movie last week and it wasn’t too bad. I related to it as I watched the main characters trying to figure out how to be prepared and what they should and shouldn’t do. 

      If you only have a few minutes to watch, I would watch the three minutes between 26:10 – 29:56. That’s the best part of the movie in my opinion.


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      Thanks for the tip. I had low expectations (that cover image is… not encouraging), but actually found it surprisingly… heartwarming? It depicts this nameless sprawling suburb as full of diverse (in every sense) people who are ultimately open to learning from one another, patient with each other’s (in some cases very weird) quirks, amenable to common sense, and able to make common cause. It has the feel of one of those old Christmas movies set in a small town in the 1930s— but eighty years later, with guns instead of holiday motifs. Strangely wholesome, yet entertaining.