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      One option I don’t think you mentioned is using the plastic No-Spill gas can (https://www.amazon.com/No-Spill-1450-5-Gallon-Poly-Compliant/dp/B000W9JN4S/) with the “DOT cap” for safer storage and transport (https://www.amazon.com/No-Spill-6160-Replacement-Cap-Gallon/dp/B008N6B0IY/).  They don’t vent but they also don’t leak (check the O-ring seals correctly).  This is what I use for storage.

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        Thank you for sharing which can you use. The article does mention that gas can but not the DOT cap for safer storage and transport.

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        Thanks Gideon.  By the way, your note below about pouring with a short spout reminded me that it’s much easier to pour from a No-Spill gas can if you attach this spout extension: https://www.amazon.com/No-Spill-206-Flexible-Spout-Extension/dp/B000W9LRQK/  

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        Thank you so much for the suggestion! That probably would be an even better solution than the funnel.

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      I have the updated Scepter Smart Control 5 gallon gas can and have tried filling up my car with it once so far. It was a pain!

      The spout was not long enough to really get deep into the gas port of my car, and the Smart Control had a high resistance spring which fatigued the hand over time. They claim that you don’t need a vent on this model because the cap has a straw which allows for air intake, but I remember it glugging and being slow to fill. 

      I am going to look into a long gas funnel, trying to tie a zip tie around the smart control lever during fill ups, and see if I need to add an aftermarket vent. The EZ pour spout that the article mentions also looks like a good option for me if the zip tie method doesn’t make things easier.