NYCer looking to buy Protective Vest

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Crime is up. The crazies are running the asylum. Batman is nowhere to be found.

We can’t strap up. (Obv.)

So i need a vest.


Is this good? Just need something discrete in an obviously urban setting. To be able to get away and be able to escape the situation without getting critically injured , as well as get away from surprise stabbing attacks and stray bullets of low calibers with minimal to no damage.


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      I just picked up a concealed soft armor from Bulletproofeveryone.com.  The best deal I found and shorter delivery time.

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      I remember watching a review of the Ghost a few years ago mostly because I thought the name was cool. Looked real solid. The guy went with the short size to account for his hip pack but the impression I got was that it was pretty concealed. Body type will make a difference. Is this the most stealthy one that the company makes?