Middle Kingdom making itself a prepper nation


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This short article tells of China wanting families to stockpile some foods.

Of course some Chinese have always been preppers.


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      Now if that doesnt set off preppers alarm bells I dont know what will. Especially as India is still restricting exports of foods as is Vietnam

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        Good evening Bill,

        Of course social Darwinism does work.

        The equation is best looked at as enough food but too much of an unhealthy population.

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      It’s chilling. They have also been cracking down on binge eating and excessive food waste for the same reasons (see the latest news roundup).

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        Good evening Carlotta,

        That’s an interesting site; had a good time surfing around it.

        Loads of notes from the site on my pad next to me but they’d generation too much of “pure” political matters so will, for now at least, not ramble on re specific comments.

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      As expected the instruction from its govbernment to stock up on food has triggered mass panic buying in China according to al Jazeera. TV today

      Also noted in other sources


      Power shortages, diesel shortages and bad weather that destroyed massive areas of food production are also causing chaos in China

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        Good evening Bill,

        Would you think for even a split second that the stock-up “recommendation” going public would produce results not anticipated well prior to even drafting the public release ?

        All of China is not in chaotic shape.

        Al Jazerra and South China Morning Post (no longer a first cousin of Washington Post) are less accurate indicator lamps on the dash board than US Chamber of Commerce in China (They have a formal, more specific official name). Boeing, for example, is on priority list along with a couple of the finance houses. 

        It is a mess there but not that different than other large countries.


        Just returned from 4th funeral of quarantine era I’ve attended here. Knew the guy well. He was getting 3 retirement checks but couldn’t get a medical appointment.

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        My sympathy for the loss of your friend.

        I believe the inscrutable Chinese  calculate and preplan every action and announcement they make.  My current thinking is they are stocking up because I think they are going to go after Tiawan.

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        Good morning Bill.

        Appreciate comment re OUR brother in arms.

        Just can’t comment on Taiwan – although would love to.