Looking for recommendations on an air mattress

Any recommendations on an air mattress?  I wanted to get one or two queen size with an built-in pump to be used for the occasional emergency use or guest.


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      I bought an air mattress under the same parameters that you are asking. Occasional use for guests, great option for an emergency, queen sized, and built-in pump.

      I landed on getting one from Costco because of their lifetime warranty. Costco previously replaced an old air mattress that had the seams wear out, so I can vouch that they stand behind their word. They currently have two models for sale at Costco.

      The brand I bought was Aerobed. It doesn’t look like they currently sell that brand at Costco anymore, and I can’t find the exact model that I bought there being sold on Amazon or at Bed Bath and Beyond, the other sellers of Aerobed. Unfortunately I won’t be able to tell you an exact model to buy, but I’ve enjoyed Aerobed’s quality.

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      I love, love LOVE my Exped Megamat.  They have several different versions and they go on sale several times a year.  It is so comfortable that most of my houseguests have gone off and bought one for themselves after staying with me.  It is a little odd in that you are more on the floor than a “traditional” air mattress that attempts to be more of a regular bed height.  But the air mattress I had like that was always springing leaks and my guests would wake up on the floor anyway!  

      Though the Expeds were designed for camping I’ve used mine for emergencies and for house guests now that I no longer have a guest room. It’s easily portable and easier than a regular air mattress to inflate and deflate. I cover mine with regular twin sheets (they do have a queen-sized one, but that is not what I have) and I love it.  The longest period of time I’ve slept on it was for about two weeks straight when I was isolating from a family member with Covid.  I was frankly more comfortable on the Exped than in my regular bed.  I’ve also used it camping and it is great there too.  I got the “long extra wide” because my brother-in-law is excessively tall.  It seems pricey but is so worth it and if you stalk the sales and are patient you can get a good deal.  I’ve had mine for years and it has never leaked, and it does come with a repair kit just in case a leak happens. 

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        Oh and I just saw your note about the queen size part. I would actually recommend getting two twins instead.  Everyone will be more comfortable and they are easier to transport.  I think there is a kit you can buy to connect them to make them seem like a queen.  

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        Excellent advice about doubles. When my kids were very small, I bought a queen sized air mattress for camping. First night in the Shenandoah mountains I learned my lesson.

        I weighed 245 lbs and my wife was 105 lbs. Kids were toddlers.

        You know what happened next. We all went to sleep and I compressed the mattress the most. My wife and kids rolled downhill to my back and I rolled off the mattress onto the floor. They slept great. Even the dog stayed on the mattress.

        I bought my own.

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        Wow, that is quite a tribute about an airbed.  I’m going to have to look into  Exped Megamat.  

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      An air mattress is such a good prep!! I’ve done two long stints on them, and they’re lifesavers. Neither mattress was mine, so I don’t know which brands to look for, sorry. 

      If you ever end up using an air mattress with a foam topper for a long time, be careful to air everything out semi-regularly. The last time I was on an air mattress was about five months straight, and when we took down the mattress and foam topper, there was some serious mold growth.