Is there a Window Security Film that does double (or triple) duty?

I’ll post a comment directly to the article but thought I should separately as well – I apologize if that’s not appropriate and admins, please delete if so.

I read the “hardening your home” article (https://theprepared.com/homestead/guides/home-hardening-basics/).  We’ve been looking at adding window film for a while, but mainly for purposes privacy (shaded, NOT blackout or mirror-finish, preferably) and to help with heat/cooling efficiency.  It’s a single-story home in a suburb neighborhood of the Capitol here in CA w/ 2 sliding glass doors.  I’m wondering if there is a product, or if someone has experience/suggestions with a film that does both/all three (security + privacy + thermal), and well?  This is the product referenced in the article https://www.amazon.com/o/ASIN/B00FRLJU0S/tp-kb-20?th=1


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      Hi there! Check out Buy Decorative Film. They have a film that blocks UV radiation and can make your windows near shatter proof. They do have tinted windows that block UV rays and impart shatter resistance on your window. Get the 8 mil film thickness. 

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        Thank you!