I just love watching Canadian geese fly over!

It seems out house is on the local Canadian geese flock’s flyway between a neighbor’s lake and maybe their feeding grounds.  Every day, the geese fly directly over our house on the way to the lake.  I assume they use our house as a beacon to locate the lake.  They fly over all during the day, from morning to evening.

I find the Canadian geese to be beautiful & graceful in flight.  I love listening to them honk.  This morning, while working in the garden, a larger than normal flock flew over.  Made my day!  I took a picture of part of the lake that they head to, which is just a couple of hundred yards from our house, on our lane.



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      Redneck, thanks for posting the video and photo. The warblers have already left my area for parts south, and soon I’ll see the dark-eyed juncos moving here from Canada. Something prepping related I’m trying this fall / winter is moving the bird feeder from the back yard to the front yard in hopes of luring the field mice away from my garage. (I think they can eat the spilled seed.) I’ve caught around two dozen field mice in the garage in the year and a half I’ve lived in this home.  Supposedly they can carry hantavirus, so I’m motivated to lure them to a more exposed part of the ecosystem.

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        Our geese no longer migrate.  Our winters are so much warmer now, they just stay year round.

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      You should read The Earth Is Enough

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        Just ordered a used book from Amazon.  Looks like it is about folks appreciating nature, and I certainly do.  I don’t understand folks that need chemicals to feel good or to wake up in the am.  I get all the high I need from living in the country & paying attention to what is going on around me.  Case in point, the other evening I was late getting down to feed horses and it was almost dark.  All of a sudden a bat flew into the barn & then proceeded to hang upside down from the ceiling.  I have no idea what it thought it was doing, but I got a thrill watching it groom itself while hanging above me, upside down.

        I can’t imagine any chemical making me feel as good as I did watching those geese fly over.  

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        Noisy little honkers! That’s great timing you caught two flocks passing each other.  The leaves changing are really pretty too.

        Could you teach me a bit about horses? I am currently watching the old cowboy tv show Bonanza and been fascinated with the many horses on there.

        The white and brown one there in the front looks similar to the black and white one that the character Little Joe rides, I think it is called a paint. And the tan colored one in the back right is like the one the dad Ben Cartwright rides, but not sure if they have a name.

        Screenshot from 2022-10-09 08-50-00

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        3-14-07 011

        Sony is a palomino paint.  He is a Tennessee Walking horse and is the one I used to ride before I got old.  Palomino means he has a white tail & mane.  He is my alpha horse… the dominant one.  All herds of horses have a pecking order.  


        Rowdy is a buckskin and is #2 in the herd.  I personally find them very attractive.  He is a Kentucky Mountain horse which I bought in Kentucky… of course.  He is always full of himself and is very demanding.  He loves to have the inside of his ears rubbed and is always coming up to me to get them rubbed.  If my back is turned to him, say filling a trough with water, he will bump me with his head to get attention.  Actually, all my horses love people.  They are like a bunch of dogs.  Whenever I bring strangers down into their pastures, they come up to get attention.  

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        Thank you for the great answer! I did learn a lot about horses today. It’s interesting to learn that they have a pecking order.

        I wish I could give Rowdy a ear rub, he looks friendly.

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        They all are.