Good guide from WHO for making your own hand sanitizer

I read the blog post about the Force Of Nature machine that makes disinfectant at home. So I started googling for similar gadgets that could make hand sanitizer. There are a ton of low-effort posts around the web because of covid. Found this one from WHO which seems to be trustworthy and easy, thought I’d share (PDF):



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      I’d have to buy the glycerin but I have a lot of this stuff already from homebrew and other stuff I’ve worked on. Thanks for this. It looks like sanitizer is back in some stores but this could be a decent project with my kids. Maybe add dye or something to make it more fun.

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      I’m happy to see that people are still making their own. I’ve made a few batches so far with no issues with irritated skin. Too many naysayers in the early part of the pandemic convinced me not to bother but it’s not too hard if you measure correctly.

      I have to stress that last part, since the WHO instructions are meant for pretty big scale. Like 10 liters big. If you can do the math down to the amount you’re trying to make, you should be fine.

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      You can swap out the glycerin with aloe vera gel if you already have it handy. I made some in March with a recipe that’s similar to this but with aloe and it came out fine. I don’t know which is the cheaper option though. At the time it was more about just having any sanitizer on hand though things got better once alcohol companies started making it. Guessing they’ll switch back to beer for summer 🙂

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      2 ounce spray bottle



      Put just enough glycerin in the bottle to cover the bottom.  We are talking a very thin layer.

      Fill with Everclear, shake well.