FYI – Notice of Non-Conforming NIOSH Approved N95 Masks from ALG Health

Hello!  I was on the ALG Health website earlier today to purchase more foldable surgical N95 masks, and I saw a notice posted on the ALG Health website that several lots of their 100,000 PT-N95F-01S respirators were produced using materials and processes that were not conforming to the NIOSH approval issued. The following finished good lots affected are as follows: Manufacture dates were: Last week of Feb 2021 – March 2021Lot# PT-N95F-01S-204-2021Lot# PT-N95F-01S-301-2021Lot# PT-N95F-01S-302-2021Lot# PT-N95F-01S-303-2021Lot# PT-N95F-01S-304-2021 

I have three boxes of these masks on hand – I checked the lots and found one of the boxes was affected by this notice.  I threw the bad box of masks away and will be reaching out for a refund.  

I received no proactive notice from the website where I purchased these masks, therefore I could have been using defective N95 masks without knowing it!  In the event anybody here happens to have any of these masks from the affected lots / production dates, I wanted to let everybody know.


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      Good thing you saw that, hope you can get a refund for that defective box.

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      Here’s a PDF of the non-conforming notice for those who want to read it.

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      Hi,  Do you know when you purchased the non-conforming masks?  I ask because I have a bag of those masks but I can’t find the lot numbers because I discarded the box it came in.  Thanks!

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        Have you checked if the lot numbers are printed on the masks themselves? I know some masks do, but I can’t remember if it’s a requirement for approved N95s or not.