Essay on “a prepper lifestyle”


Good morning,

Above link is one of the better essays I’ve run across.

Finally, we’re getting documents explaining that prepping saves money. Link uses the term “frugal”. This word really required for most all aspects of middle class living.

To me … I am a senior citizen … this prepper lifestyle is a renamed traditional lifestyle of home economics, the Boy Scout / Girl Scout first aid kit and the post World War II Civil Defense programs.

Continue preparedness efforts under whatever name works best.


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      Well I failed must have # 1… a physically fit body.  Hell, I never looked like that in my prime, much less now when my body is falling apart slowly with age.  But I make up for it with dogged determination… and pain killers.

      Also I failed the myth that preppers are heavily armed.  Ain’t a myth for me.  I’m one of those guys that gets put on the national news when they paint him as a crazy for having multiple guns and thousands of rounds of ammo.

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        Good afternoon Redneck,

        I read that fit bod line also.  It’s really autobiographic. Don’t want to go negative on a member of the prep club. He just didn’t write his thought clear enough…giving author the benefit of the doubt.

        The word “armed” has various meanings. Look at pictures of Vietnam US downed aviators.  They’re in the jungle in flight suits with a pistol or revolver drawn at the ready.  Not visible, but they are surrounded by about 20 to 80 heavily armed enemy infantry.  Were those aviators “armed” ?

        It’s about the same now. How many armed preppers (I am not) also have gas masks with laser goggles ? This stuff is needed here if a confrontation. Note that the confrontation will be at night.

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        I think Bob finally is secretly sharing with us a picture of himself….


        I thought it was funny how when I downloaded the picture from the article, the title of the file is ‘sexy-man-yoga2.jpg’

        Being fit is an important part of being prepared and being able to handle what comes our way, but don’t think I need to look like that.

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        Good evening Robert,

        I’m a(n) historian.

        At one time in my history, I was in good shape – could swim ~ 3 miles in a calm ocean, 2 mile run in 9:39.

        Now, I get fatigued just backing into a parking space.

        Still, being fit is definitely a requirement, both physical fitness and mental fitness.