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      Is there a class summary for this lesson?  It would be great to have one.  Thanks!

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        Updated! Thanks for the poke. I’m curious how you/people are using the notes. Is it because you like reading in addition to the videos, because the text and videos clear up things from the other half, for making your own notebook, or what?

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        Hi John,

        I can’t speak for why other people like the typed lesson summaries but, in my case, I have found that my brain processes and retains information much better when I see written notes on what I am hearing, rather than just, or mostly just, hearing it.  So, when I attend classes in person, I am usually taking copious notes the whole time so I can see the words close in time to hearing them spoken aloud.  If the information is primarily conveyed to me via the spoken word, it doesn’t “sink in” as it were.

        Having the lesson summaries helps me a lot.  I can use them as a framework to show me which points the instructor felt were the most important.  I can then print out the lesson summaries, add my own additional notes to them if I need to, and save them in my emergency preparedness binder for future reference if the grid goes down.



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        My brain works similarly. At uni the best lectures where given by a professor who used to give us the entire transcripts of her lectures. I loved it because when I listen to people talking I tend to understand the broad meaning only, but I don’t retain the details. Having printed transcripts or notes to review afterwards (or alongside the lecture in case I space out – hello ADHD!) allows me to review the lesson’s details, and acually retain a lot more.

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        I’d also say the notes are very helpful.  I usually read them through, then watch the video, then review them again after to make sure I didn’t zone out and miss something important.  I tend to focus more when reading, and thus retain more.  The videos are great.  There’s tons of value in seeing someone do something you have never done, and explain it as they go.  But I’m also more easily distracted when watching a video, because there’s more than just the instructor in it.  I’m noticing what is on your shelves, or the snow falling off a pine tree bough catches my eye, etc.  I think that’s pretty normal.  So having both the written highlights and the video demonstrations is, for me, the right combination.

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      Excellent. You have described beautifully situations I have seen. Now I better understand what was going on. Thank you.

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      Thank you! This was very informative and I learned a lot.