Current global problems could worsen because of diesel shortage in China

Some news agencies are taking an ever more closer interest in the economic problems in China, In some cities truckers are limited to 200 litres a time, but when you leave the cities people are waiting up to a week to refuel.  This is having a major impact in china being able to meet its export obligations and even driving up food prices as well.  The cost of fuel has doubled in some areas and one of the knock on effects is that Vegetables in some areas are now more expensive than meat.





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      Good afternoon Bill,

      Just about perfect timing for this post.

      Had received an email that China is preparing to open up their fuel reserves.

      The diesel fuel shortage is also accompanied by coal problems.

      Conference attendees  at the Glasglo Climate Summit understand the ripple effects to their countries.

      To modify an adage:  “When China sneezes, the world catches a cold”.

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        Must add the prepper aspects to the diesel shortage in China;

        Candles are rapidly being sold out.

        Some of the electricity companies recommending to stockpile some extra water.

        Some Chinese are already preppers but just not in the public arena that much.

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        My long term outlook for the next year is rather glum when I look at the multiple issues affecting the world at this time, from crazy weather ( many of the deligates for COP26 in Glasgow are stranded in London as a storm has blocked the rail lines)  The covid pandemic which is far from over and its knock on socio/ economic impacts, mass migrations, shortages, civil unrest  and anarchy in places like the US.

        I have chosen to increase all my stocks to the max, be it food, fuel, equipment etc, and I have instructed my family to stay away from larger UK towns and cities, and we have cancelled both planned vacations to the US . ( My wife and her friends had a dreadful time on the US west coast in 2019)

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        Good morning Bill,

        My views and stocks augmentation are about identical.

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        Simple prudence old chap 🙂