Community Challenge: Bags for the Unprepared / Mercy Bags

Winter is quickly approaching and the news of the pandemic globally is becoming increasingly bleak. The US still hasn’t officially finished its first wave and elsewhere is showing staggering signs of an overwhelming, inbound second wave. 

Ultimately, the only way we’re going to get through this is by banding together as a community of preppers and as human beings helping other human beings in need.

Today, we put together a few basic-level BOBs using some of our own surplus stock and a few former packs) for anyone that might be in need. The packs cover the basics: water, food, fire, shelter, first aid, pandemic supplies (gloves, disposable masks, sanitizer, masks with filters), and batteries for the flashlights and headlamps.

We’re fortunate that we have the means to do this. Others in our community are not.

In all, each bag as 7-10 days worth of supplies.

And I wish we could do more.

We’d also like to challenge everyone who can do so, to take up this cause: build a bag to help someone you don’t know, who isn’t prepared to face the pandemic or a disaster.


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