Color-changing sutures detects infection


A high school student invented a suture that changes colors to detect infection. Article has some illustrations.

Current methods to determine infection require a smart phone.  Article explains.

I’m an avid practioner of the KISS doctrine – Keep It Simple, Stupid ! – Many do not have smart phone PLUS in realistic, worst case scenarios, phone service just not be available.

Am hoping she gets the needed patent.


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      Thanks for posting this Bob.

      What an amazing idea. Who knows what kind of other products related to the color changing technology could be created?

      There could color changing item that could detect imminent heart attack or seizures.

      I hopes she get her patent also. Good for her!

      Thanks again, Bob! Great news to read.

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        I read more articles on this young woman. She has a bright future. Just brilliant.

        I hope more people see your post. This invention could help get on top of infections before they become life threatenting.

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      That’s really neat. I wish that I could invent something helpful to the world. And that could also make me a bunch of money 😉

      The best thing that I have come up with though is a headband that is made out of the same material as those mood rings. Then you don’t have to get your temperature checked at each building you go into, they will just kick you out if your mood headband is red showing you have a fever. …there’s a reason I haven’t brought this to market yet, it’s not a very good idea. hahaha