Clarkson’s Farm, a TV show about a man learning how to start a farm

I’m wondering if any other The Prepared readers have watched Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime? If you haven’t, it’s a great show. Jeremy Clarkson, mostly known in the UK for Top Gear and other car shows, has owned a farm for years and recently decided to farm it himself.

While it’s not strictly a prepping show, it touches on a lot of things of interest to preppers, like growing grain crops, raising livestock, and permaculture. Even if you can’t usually stand Clarkson, he’s in very different form here and undergoes something of a personal transformation.


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      Well, one big disadvantage of living a rural life in Mississippi is horribly slow internet.  I’ve put my money down for Starlink, so hopefully in a few months we can actually stream some of these shows.  Existing satellite internet, namely Hughesnet, is a joke.

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        Wish you the best of luck with your Starlink. I read a news article or two about them a while back and it looks promising to rural communities. 

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      There are slim pickins of good tv shows nowadays. Too much sex, violence, and other shock factors to get people talking about it. But this sounds like it could be a good series that is entertaining and educational that I can watch with the wife and kids. Thanks for the recommendation.

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        Yes, we just started it & are enjoying it! Some funny, realistic looking stuff for a reality type show. Peter 44, FYI, there is some bad language, if you’re watching with little ones. 

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        Yes, sorry, I should have mentioned that they cuss like sailors. I only watched it with the wife when the kids were gone. I share your frustration with filthy content on TV.

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        Good to know about the language. Thanks for the heads up CR and Josh.

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      Thanks for the show recommendation. I like to learn from TV and movies, even though I know they are usually edited or overly dramatic and doesn’t give the true sense of what it really is like. It at least gets me thinking from my big comfy couch at home.

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      Just saw on the news that Clarkson’s Farm has signed up for a second season. I haven’t seen the show myself, but thought others here might enjoy the update.