Chainlink fencing; Know thy area and beyond


Good morning,

Above links to industry association website.  Well worth surfing around their entire site. Above is set up (I hope !) to display their security fencing for petrochemical industry. Obviously, it’s for a sophisticated audience of users but link has many useful charts along with their narrative.

Item inventories to install an important fence privides principles good for preppers to rely on … eg have the hardware and tools ready for project.

Look for Table 3 “Mesh Sizes and Gauges”.  I believe it’s at petrochem section.  Regardless, surf around entire site.  The charts are real good.

At different industy section of website there’s a chart listing tennis courts.  I can guess they’re up there with nuclear power plants for importance. 

Hopefully you find the surfing around time a good learning experience.


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      I usually wouldn’t be very interested in chain link fencing, but we are in the market to replace some and your post caught my eye. My little Chihuahuas try sticking their heads through our current 2″ fence and I don’t want them to get hurt. I took a look at the link you shared and it was interesting. It makes sense that a smaller diameter mesh would be harder to climb and to cut through. Not sure where we will be going to get our replacement fence, but I will be looking at other options rather than the standard size now. I am also curious about the price per yard between the different sizes.

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        Good morning Captain Peanut,

        Glad to learn that the link provoked some research ideas for you.

        I can guess the costs of the different fense sizes – and the coating – vary from VERY expensive to ULTRA expensive. 

        It’s the ideas and concepts we private citizen preppers learn from industry that will help us get prepared.