Big picture goals

Brand new to prepping? Your first goals: Store at least two weeks worth of potable water in your home (at least 15 gallons per person) using proper co
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      Good information.  I was going to recommend that you have links to every product that you talk about, or show in your video, but I see that you do have links to articles which have this information. I would still recommend having a quick summary of the products shown. I am very well versed in this subject, and I actually have many of the items shown.  However, the “key” that was shown that enables you to open up water sources, I do not have. I had heard of it, but had forgotten about it. Now, I want to get one… but it seems that I have to dig through all the articles and links, etc., to find it.  If you had a summary, I could bypass the things I already know about, or own, and get right to what I need.

      Otherwise… great job!  I’m looking forward to the rest of the course.

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        Welcome and thanks for the feedback. We’ll work on adding product links to these notes.

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      How long is water “good” for?  Do you recommend always treating any water you have stored upon use even if previously treated?

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        From my understanding, clean water that is put into a clean container without access to outside air, heat, or light will remain safe for years and years. Water doesn’t really go bad, but if there are contaminates in it, then it won’t be safe for drinking. 

        Previously treated water doesn’t NEED to be treated again as long as you abide by those things I mentioned above. But certainly doesn’t hurt to treat or run through a filter. 

        I still like to clean my containers and swap out my water every year or so.  Even though this is overkill. It keeps it from tasting flat, and if there was anything growing in there then I can keep it from growing more.

        I also like living out of my containers as i’m doing the water swap every year. I’ll just drink and use the water in those containers until they are empty to give me a sense of what it’s like to do so, if there is anything I can do to improve my setup, and I can know how long I can live off of my storage for in daily usage. 

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        ^ essentially this. Water itself doesn’t expire. The worries are non-water things in the water growing over time. Sure, you could re-treat water that’s been stored for a while, no harm in that. But if you were in a rush, didn’t have treatment methods, etc, I’d feel fine drinking properly-stored water straight from the container even after years.

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      Can you please mention the “key” you stated in the video. The to open or turn on public kits.  Thank you.

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      I wish the videos had a closed captioning option. 

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        Thanks, I agree. Vimeo, the video host, just released an auto subtitles featured a few months ago. But I have to re-upload all the videos etc to trigger it, which I can’t do for a few weeks due to limited off-grid bandwidth. Will look into it in January!