Best air rifles

The best air rifle choices if you want an alternative or compliment to traditional firearms.

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      Good article, small correction, non of the airguns or pcp included are SEMI AUTO (as is mentioned in the marauder), that is just wrong.

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        We’ve updated to “repeater” and inserted a link that explains the distinction.

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      With Hatsan 135 QE, confusingly, it appears that there are both spring and piston versions of it, and the piston one is actually more common (the spring version is older).

      Vortex is the piston version specifically. The spring model is the one that doesn’t say “Vortex”.

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        Thanks for the feedback. Part of the confusion is that when we put together the article, the main distinction we drew was between PCP and “spring,” where “spring” was either a metal spring or a “gas spring” (i.e. piston). So there is a little bit of slipperiness there in the terminology.

        Anyway, I’ve updated to make it clear that the Hatsan Vortex is piston-powered, so that should help with the confusion.

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      Thanks for this, everyone. One thing I’ve had an issue with is finding suitable molds for pellets online. I don’t have the resources to do my own die-making, but can’t find much in the way of molds for different calibers. Any reliable resources you’re aware of? I know pellets are cheap, but I do like the idea (especially as one gets into larger hunting calibers) of having the ability to make my own, and reuse shots that way.

      Here’s what I’ve seen so far, but certainly they aren’t especially mass-produced:


      .22 air mold 8 cavity AL mold