A report from a non prepper from South Africa



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      Interesting. This senior journalist is no radical youth.

      I like that old saying “Wnen the taxis don’t run, get ready for the fun”.

      One key to this overall situation can be found in “intimated the security personnel”. In some countries of a different  political complexion, there are restrictions on who can enter a mall. In  Saudi, single guys under ~ 30, without an accompanying family, cannot enter.  Israel is somewhat stricter in their approach. My place here is like what’s described in article.  Needless to say, we don’t enter malls.

      We’ve got the “stickers” issued here. I’m sending this link to my neighborhood watch group.

      Thank you for posting this Bill.

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        No problems, I’m now of the opinion that our accepted normal levels of situational awareness is no longer good enough.

        I’m also firmly of the opinion that much of this major civil unrest, looting, burning, destroying be it SA or US or Europe is orchestrated.

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      That truly was an apocalyptic read. It sounds like these small groups are coming together nicely to rebuild and protect their resources. Some of my family members who have lived in South Africa for years have told me that tensions between whites and blacks have been slowly rising over the years. Not saying that this all was caused by those tensions, but I feel like when those tensions grow and are left unchecked then people tend to lash out when an opportunity arises. Like here in the US last year with some of the riots against police and the capital. I feel like stress and tension build up from covid and the lockdowns put people on edge and when they had something to be angry and upset about, they lashed out. 

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      The latest from SA and exactly as forcast food and fuel shortages.