3 Billion less birds in North America since 1970!

Yes, that is billions with a B!  And since 1970!  Have you noticed less birds than when you were younger?  I sure have.  And many of the species in decline are common birds you would see in a bird feeder.  Speaking of bird feeders, do y’all feed your local birds?  Do you do so in the winter when they struggle to find food?  I do.  I have multiple hanging feeders and pour lots of birdseed on my walkway in front of the house.  Around here, Walmart sells bulk sized bags and smaller bags, to fit any budget.  I make sure the mix includes sunflower seeds for birds like cardinals.

We are in the midst of a winter storm and tonight will be the third night in a row with freezing rain.  I have no doubt birds struggle to find food with so much ice covering everything.  During such times I put out extra food.  Just took this video looking out from the office.  This just shows one section of birds.  There is feed along the walkway heading to the driveway.


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      What is the cause of the die-off?

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        “What is the cause of the die-off?”

        The main cause is habitat loss as more wild lands are converted to houses and farmland. We humans aren’t leaving a lot of space for the other species on this planet.


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        Also, there seems to be some disorder impacting them and from what I read, no one knows what it is yet.   

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        Over the last year or so they’re dealing with a bad H5N1 flu outbreak that mostly affects only birds. Given the high death rate, I imagine that birds that survive it are also not in great shape.

        Any details or reference on this disorder?

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      Redneck, it’s great that you feed birds in winter. That’s what I do, as well. It’s a good supplement for them. I placed a small brush pile near my feeder so they have cover. I have lots of squirrels, so I use mostly safflower seeds, which the squirrels don’t seem to like as much. I hope you’re surviving the ice storms.

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        Been running on generator since around 6:00 yesterday evening.  Real bad around here.  Sometimes pays off to be a prepper!!!!