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      Case in point about the fact that there isn’t any more a clearly-defined fire season. Today is November 15 and a new wildfire started in CO due to high winds pushing a power line into dry trees. Let the date sink in: mid-Nov.


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      After the Marshall Fire, Boulder Co. released a very useful PDF Guidebook on how to deal with the aftermath of a fire (and other disasters, too). Some sections contain Colorado-relevant phone numbers (like that of the local Emergency Management, etc), but the guide can still apply universally. If you use it outside of CO I would suggest going through the guide and changing the phone numbers to relevant local agencies.

      The nice thing is that it contains checklists and resources about Mental Health and Self-Care, How to return to your property safely, Insurance, Finance, and Important Documents, Caring for animals after a disaster, Post-fire floods, etc. The URL brings you to a GDrive file that you can download (I’ve opened it and it’s perfectly safe):


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      The Idaho Office of Emergency Management shared some plants that can be grown around your house that are fire resistant




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      This was an interesting 10 minute video for me talking about the people who had their homes burn down in the November 2018 Paradise, CA wildfire and then are moving back and rebuilding.

      From the video:
      Interviewer: Is it a hard sell to show people a new property where just a few years ago the previous house burnt down?
      Real Estate agent: It’s new for the buyer and they think, it’s not going to happen again.

      The video talks about one family who is rebuilding but this time with a prefab structure made of non-flammable materials so when it happens again, they won’t lose everything.

      Another resident was a couple days late on his insurance payment and the insurance company sent the check back and just cancelled his policy. Then the fire hit and he lost his home and nothing was covered and he is living out of a trailer now trying to earn money to buy another house.

      A former fire chief gives good advice stating that although people are rebuilding with stick homes that are flammable, there are things they can do to prevent their house from burning up such as planting vegetation that is not combustible, don’t have a wood pile right next to your home, and don’t have a wood fence go right up to your home.