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Paracord is the duct tape of the rope world.  It can be used for just about anything.  But have you ever needed some and didnt have any around?  The Paracord Bracelet is the answer to your problem. 


 This Halloween my Paracord Bracelet saved the day.  While out with the kids Trick-or-Treating tragedy struck!  The handle on my Son's Pumpkin bucket broke.  He thought his entire night was ruined.  I pulled off my bracelet, cut off a foot of cord and made a new handle.  The handle on his bucket now had a tensile strength of 550lbs and the night went on without a hitch.  Dad was the Hero once again! :)

Step 1:

Start of with about 10feet of paracord (3 meters). You can use more but then you'll have to braid it tighter.

Step 2:

Grab the paracord by both ends and work your way through it so that you get a loop on the other end. Put the loop around your wrist so you can measure how long it has to be.

Step 3a:

When you have your loop ready, take the "left" cord and place it under the center piece as shown above.

Step 3b:

Now take the "right" cord and thread it through the loop we just created.  With the "left" cord, under and through the left loop, now go through the left-center loop

Step 3c:

Thread the cord under the "left" cord and go through the loop we created with the "left" cord. Now just repeat this.

Step 3:

To make things a bit easier you can secure the loop with a piece of wire.

Step 4:

Repeat step 3. The tighter you make the knots the more cord you will be able to use.  However, the stiffer bracelets may be less comfortable to wear.

Step 5:

Repeat step 3 and 4

Step 6:

As you go along the bracelet will begin to take shape.

Step 7:

I've been using two methods in securing the bracelets.

Step 8:

By using a button to keep it secure and...

Step 9:

by tying a knot  with the ends of the cord.

Step 10:

If you are going to use the button version this is your final step in braiding. Now you need to cut the cord and melt the ends to keep them from fraying. If you are going to secure the bracelet with the ends of the cord you may need to repeat step 3 one or two more times.

Step 11:

Once you have finished braiding the bracelet there should be a small loop on the end.  It should be just big enough to put both cords through.

Step 12:

Now remove the wire from the top of the bracelet. The loops pictured above need to be just big enough to put the two cords through.  This may require you to pull on the cords that go down the center.

Step 13:

Now put the cords through both loops. Note: both cords need to pass through both loops.

Step 14:

Once you have both cords through you can put a knot on the end of them. Try not to have the excess cords too long. Your best bet is to put the bracelet on and determine what you need.

Here is the PDF version that can be downloaded.