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News roundup for Tue, Mar 22, 2022

Ukraine 10 million people have fled Ukraine during these first few weeks: [embed][/embed] Mariupol, a port city with a population the size of Miami, is being leveled. [embed][/embed] Extreme weather There were deadly wildfires in Texas last week. Over 60 square miles have burned and hundreds of families have been

News roundup for Fri, Mar 18, 2022

Ukraine Ukraine has joined the European power grid, decoupling its own grid from Russia. This will help the besieged country keep the juice flowing and prevent Russian sabotage from taking down their power. The US will work with Slovakia to send more air defense systems to Ukraine. The US Secretary of State says sanctions will only be lifted with the full withdrawal of Russia. Zelenski pleads with Germany and other Western countries to do more to help. A litany of war crimes and travestie

News roundup for Tue, Mar 15, 2022

Ukraine Ukraine is seeking EU membership, but it’s unclear if Ukraine is going to move forward with NATO membership in the future: [embed][/embed] Russia is still attempting to encircle Kyiv but seems to be struggling to take the capital city. Ukrainians seemed determined to defend it. Pandemic Tens of billions of dollars in coronavirus aid have been gutted from a government funding omnibus bill

News roundup for Fri, Mar 11, 2022

Ukraine Companies around the world, such as Spotify, H&M Group, Disney, Warner Bros., Canada Goose, Expedia, Adidas, ExxonMobil, Harley-Davidson, General Motors, BP, Apple, multiple gas and airline companies, McDonald's, and many more, are pulling operations out of Russia in protest of the war. Russia is threatening to nationalize the facilities of foreign companies who have done this: [embed][/emb

News roundup for Tue, Mar 8, 2022

Editor's note: Thanks to everyone who gave feedback! If you have any news items or intel that you think we should feature, drop the links in the comments section of the most recent roundup. Ukraine Talks between Russia and Ukraine are not going very well—two previous attempts have been made for a ceasefire to allow Ukrainians to evacuate cities under siege, but violations of those ceasefires have occurred each time. A third attempt is to be made. There is no sign of a truce on the horizon de


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