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Beginner’s guide to guns

Our one page, non-political beginners guide to guns explains all the basics you need to know, from laws and lingo to the best calibers for self defense.

Your car will probably be fine after an EMP

William S. Forschten's post-apocalyptic novel, One Second After, famously describes a post-apocalyptic world of clogged roadways and stranded motorists, as all the continent's cars are instantly stopped by a single blast from a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP). All cars, that is, except one --- the protagonist's 1959 Edsel, a car so old it didn't have any modern electronics that could be fried by the electromagnetic pulse from a nuke. Forschten's Edsel is the car that launched a mil

Best bug out bag survival backpack

Emergency preparedness, survival, and backpack experts have reviewed 100's of bags to narrow down this list of the best packs for your bug out bag.

Best security lighting for homes

Intro guide to the best types of lights to put around the outside of your home.


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