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      I am interested in installing security window film in my home. My home has dual pane windows. I live in California, about a mile from the San Andreas fault, earthquake country. As such, I am considering installing film on both the inside panes and outside panes. Inside to protect whats inside from flying glass. Outside to protect from intruders. Is this idea going overboard? Should I just stick with the inside? I see that the two window films you recommend are both specified for indoor application. If you do recommend outside, which do you recommend?

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        I am so sorry that we are now just getting to your question Mark. Hopefully you still see this response and it is helpful to you.

        The security film is meant to hold the pieces of glass together. Whether the film is on the interior or exterior and whether the glass is hit from either the interior or exterior the glass will still crack or shatter. However, the film will hopefully hold the pieces of glass onto the film and prevent or slow down the object or intruder from entering or exiting through the glass. 

        I hope that makes sense. The video in the article, and also down below is a good example of what it will look like.